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Quality healthcare for all

We offer one system with one purpose: to increase access to quality healthcare for all

We put purpose into practice

Cornerstone Health’s focus is to ensure quality primary healthcare is available to everyone, when, where and how they need it. Many primary healthcare providers use words like ‘quality’, ‘accessibility’ and ‘purpose’ – however, these terms are meaningless if they are not genuine.

Our purpose guides every decision we make, and it is the foundation for Our Exceptional Healthcare Model – a unique, purpose-driven model that puts patients at the heart of what we do, supports GPs in delivering quality care, and is proven to help doctors in building a successful practice for life.

Accessible Healthcare

Accessible healthcare is about removing the barriers to primary healthcare - like offering Medicare bulk-billing and being open until 10pm every day, 365 days a year - resulting in a steady flow of new patients who return for quality primary healthcare.

Co-located Services

Co-located services means we provide all essential primary healthcare services under one roof - ensuring better health outcomes and higher Medicare rebates.

Clinical Autonomy

Clinical autonomy is focused on supporting doctors to deliver quality care and build a successful practice. We offer a people-led, technology-enabled system that supports doctors in doing what they do best - taking care of patients.

Measurable Impact

Our Exceptional Healthcare Model is the reason we have seen consistent, sustainable growth since 2016. It's the reason we will always stand up for General Practice in Australia, whilst continuing to break down barriers to primary healthcare for all.

  • 4 x

    Healthcare business

  • 14 x

    Our Medical centres

  • 1.2 million+

    Patient consults per year

  • 25 %

    Year-on-year patient growth

  • 200+

    Healthcare professionals

  • 250+

    Nursing and admin staff

Standing up for General Practice

GP's are the cornerstone of the Australian healthcare system. However, General Practice has traditionally been under-valued and under-funded.

Since we opened our doors in 2016, Cornerstone Health has been standing up for General Practice by commissioning essential reports, and engaging with government and other industry stakeholders to help improve access to primary healthcare.

We've always understood that more support for GP's means better health outcomes for all, and we know it's up to us to lead the way in helping shape the future of primary healthcare in Australia.