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Telehealth that you can count on

Telehealth that's actually about health

There are plenty of online providers offering telehealth services, but the standard of care can be very different from one to the other. When you go to a medical centre, you can trust that you are getting medical advice from an experienced Australian-registered GP. Unfortunately, the same isn’t always true when you use a telehealth provider.

Our Sage takes the same patient-focused approach that Our Medical’s network of physical medical centres is known for and brings it online. Our Sage offers a telehealth service with Australian practising GPs within the Cornerstone Health network, it is an affordable telehealth service that has been built to high clinical standards.

Telehealth with real GPs in Australia

The best form of general practice is face to face, however for when an in-person consult is not available, Our Sage is the next best alternative. Our Sage provides access to privately billed telehealth consults from 7am to 11pm, every day of the year.

Supporting Australians to take control of their health

For patients requiring a prescription, referral, medical certificate, or a consult with an Australian-accredited GP, they can be confident that they’re receiving the best medical advice that telehealth will allow, via Our Sage’s network of GPs.

And for those that need more than telehealth, Cornerstone Health has a network of doctors also available for in-person consults at Our Medical locations.

Why choose Our Sage?

Our Sage offers a digital doorway into a full range of healthcare services. Whatever the health concern or issue, Cornerstone Health has the primary healthcare expertise to ensure you receive the best care available at a time and place that works for you.

  • Exceptional healthcare at your fingertips
  • Telehealth with real Australian doctors
  • 7am–11pm every day
  • Consults, scripts, referrals and medical certificates

Telehealth GP Opportunities

Our Sage is closing the gap between the quality of patient care provided in person and online. Our Sage offers a digital doorway into a full range of healthcare services that is built to high clinical standards. We support doctors in delivering quality general practice services safely and effectively online.

We are seeking expressions of interest from experienced General Practitioners to deliver private consultations via our dedicated platform from the comfort of their home office. Find out more on telehealth GP opportunities here.

A digital doorway into a full range of healthcare services