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Interested in a new GP Opportunity in Australia?

Cornerstone Health offers GPs a practice that is both professionally and financially rewarding with growing patient numbers and a varied case mix. Hear from some of the GPs already working in our medical centres in Australia:

Dr Killian Darcy, Our Medical Home Loganholme (Brisbane)

The Cornerstone Health model appealed to me because I was able to establish good rapport with senior management, the ethos of increasing access to affordable, quality healthcare appealed to me, and a practice with a treatment room would mean I could continue some emergency care work. The sign on payment also helped to get me started at the time.

I’m pleased to say that from day one, Our Medical Home Loganholme built a following quickly, with a strong reputation for being a modern, busy clinic with good doctors. All the promises that I was made before joining have become a reality.

At Our Medical Home Loganholme we have a diverse patient profile. Many of my patients are young families because of the demographics of the local area and because I tend to have parents come through later in the afternoon and evening. Patients love that we’re open late, and I’ve found this is a great way to meet new patients.  

Cornerstone Health gives you the platform to build as big a practice as you want, supported with fantastic facilities and staff, and working to your own style.

Dr Killian Darcy

Dr Bryan Galvin, Our Medical Home Marsden Park (Sydney)

After meeting with the executive team of Cornerstone Health, I could see they were drawing on years of experience when deciding how to operate this relatively new venture. I’m pleased to say that to date, I’ve not been disappointed! Cornerstone Health are being who they said they were going to be.

I enjoy that Our Medical Home Marsden Park offers a good general mix of patients including growing families through to the elderly, in an area that is becoming an increasingly popular place to live.  

When Our Medical Home Marsden Park opened, the right doctors were in place from the beginning and the launch was fully supported to ensure we had new patients coming through the door from day one.

Dr Bryan Galvin

Dr James Walker, Milton Medical Centre (NSW South Coast)

After practising in Milton for almost three years, I have fallen in love with the area. The practice is a friendly and fun place to be. I felt very supported by my senior colleagues when I arrived who guided me in adapting to Australian General Practice. Here I’ve had the opportunity to learn skills in skin cancer surgery and develop my own patient base for routine general practice work.

There is certainly a huge opportunity to see many patients on the South Coast of NSW, and to foster your own following of patients. At Milton Medical Centre, there is a lot of clinical support on site, together with a hospital just over the road and an excellent cancer care centre on our doorstep.

The work is enjoyable, the team is very friendly, and you will be well remunerated for your endeavours.

Dr James Walker